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Birthday Parties

Let Flip-Flop host your next birthday party!  Parties include a hostess to set-up, supervise and clean up.  20 party favors are included with each party as well.  More information about hosted birthday parties can be found here.


Parent's Night Out

Looking for an evening or night without the kids.  Check out the schedule for upcoming PNO.  The kids play games like limbo, freeze dance, run an obstacle course and win prizes.  It's great wholesome fun in a safe atmosphere.  More details can be found here.


  • ATTIRE: Please wear proper gymnastics attire or cheer clothes. 
  • No food, drinks, cell phones or jewelry in the gym.
  • Please DO NOT observe your child from inside the gym area.  You are welcome to watch but only from inside the lobby.

Recreational Gymnastics

We offer beginner to advanced classes.  Our once a week for 1 hour classes for girls and boys ages 5 & up start off with the basics and progresses from there.  We use program guidelines designed by USA Gymnastics, starting at Level 1 and build through practice drills and progressions.  Each child learns at their own pace.  PRACTICE, PERFECT & PROGRESS! Our clases are separated into 3 different classes; Bronze, Silver and Gold. 


Bronze: Beginner, never taken class before

Silver: Basic skills: 

     Vault: Stretch jump, handstand flatback  

     Bars: Pull-over assisted, cast, back hip circle assisted 

     Beam: “T” hold, stretch jump, level 1 mount/dismount\

     Floor: Handstand, cartwheel 

Gold: Level 1-2 skills:

     Vault: handstand flatback 

     Bars: pull-over, cast, back hip circle, leg cut forward/back

     Beam: lever, side handstand dismount 

     Floor: round off, backward roll, backbend kick over, working towards back handspring  


Classes are $65/month: 1 hour/once a week

Tiny Tot Gymnastics

Offered for toddlers ages 2-4 and classes are once a week for 1 hour.  Our Tiny Tot program is perfect for your little monkey! They will learn balance, motor skills,  coordination, flexibility and improve their strength. They will use the vault, bars, beam, floor, trampoline and the pit! 


Classes are $65 per month: 1 hour/once a week

Competitive Girls Gymnastics Team

We offer competitive girls team and compete effectively all over the state.  You must advance to Level 1 to begin competition.  Flip-Flop has produced serveral STATE and REGIONAL champions over the years.


Prices may vary due to level 

See the Competitive Program page for more information.


We offer beginner and advanced tumbling classes. Our classes are 1.5 hours long, they will learn standings, running tumbling and will go over motions and jumps.  We try to start off with the basics and get you ready for tryouts.  We have been coaching tumbling and cheer for years, Flip-Flop has had kids make cheer teams for the Razorback, UCA, SAU, UAPB, UAM, Arkansas Tech, UALR, ASU, Mizzou and several other colleges.


Classes start at $85 per month: 1 1/2 hours/once a week

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